FAE Sélection

To create an institution is to determine its velocity. Inertia sustains the pace set in the beginning.

Maybe that's why when, five or six years ago, Illena Sonnabend suggested that I exhibit my collection, I was reluctant. That idea perplexed-even frightened-me.

At the moment it was exhibited, the collection would be fixed in time, style, mood, and image. Would I be cast into the same rigid mold? I wasn't ready to stop, but to exhibit what I'd collected seemed a summing up, a dead end.

Would my friends think, talk or write about the collection as history, as psychology, as sociology or as vision? Would the point be found? The collection, as a whole, is no more or less than what it looks like as individual objects and as the pieces visually relate to each other. The rest is folderol, excuses for not seeing. I was not ready!

In subsequent years I kept thinking of the idea. How could I show these objects together without sealing my fate? It would have to do with teaching. But how? A course about seeing fifty years of contemporary art does not include the future.

Discovering that the fear was about stopping time drove home the point: a Museum of Art for now and for the future. The past as reference, the present as instruction, the future as vision. And so we started our project.

FAE Musée d'Art Contemporain is here to set the edge, even to be on the edge, and, from time to time, to fall off the edge.

Yes, we will exhibit parts of the collection. Yes, we will do historical shows. Yes, we will present things never before seen in any institution.

The collection exhibitions will tell you about us, why we're here and what you can expect. We hope to satisfy but confound those expectations. The historical shows will tell a visual story that may not have been told before. The new! WOW! Hold on! Join us!

For more information please contact info@edelmanarts.com
T. 1 (212) 472-7770