Leon Löwentraut: Explosive Painter


MAY 3 – JUNE 15, 2018


Edelman Arts is pleased to announce Leon Löwentraut: Explosive Painter, an exhibition of 15 large scale paintings by the most sought-after young talent on the international art scene, Leon Löwentraut. The exhibition will be on view at our salon space at 111 East 70th Street, New York from May 4 to June 15, 2018.

Dubbed the “Wunderkind” of the art world by the press, the Düsseldorf-based artist has just turned 20 and is exhibiting his second show in New York.

Faithful to the colorful, expressive style that built his reputation, Löwentraut’s newest works are large-format portraits that mark him as an heir to both Basquiat and Picasso yet, with a shocking force of vitality and freshness, are still uniquely Löwentraut. His bold use of color, line, and texture combine to create paintings that viscerally engage the viewer.

Like Basquiat, his works are both abstract and representational, blending form and symbol as the figures emerge from the heavy layers of paint to become almost three-dimensional. Löwentraut creates images imbued with both primal and sacred qualities, the weightiness of the paint and the central focus of the compositions elevating them to the status of icons. The figures stare out at the viewer through a maze of crossing colors in scenes so full of motion that the stretches of stillness, rendered through the simplified, distinct lines of an eye, an ear, or a crown, take on an evocative visual significance.

Löwentraut has exhibited his works in galleries and museums across the globe, including Galerie Loeffel (Basel), Bruno Gallery (Singapore), Galerie Michael Poliza (Hamburg), The Muse (London), Avant Garde LES (New York), Geuer & Geuer (Dusseldorf), and the Osthaus Museum (Hagen).


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111 East 70th Street,
New York, NY, 10021
T: 1 212 472 7770
Gallery hours:  Monday – Saturday 10AM to 5PM