Mimmo Paladino




Mimmo Paladino is an Italian Transavantgarde (the Italian equivalent of Neo-Expressionism) painter, sculptor, and muralist. He was born on December 18, 1948 in Paduli, Italy and attended the Liceo Artistico of Benevento. His methodology is based off of borrowing stic traditions and images. Working in both two and three dimensions, Paladino leaves strains of Egyptian, tribal, and classical sentiments in his body of work while equally being involved in Modernist painting and sculpture. Paladino was a pioneer of the Transavantgarde movement, which sought to place emotion, figuration and mysticism in avant-garde art. Paladino developed an allegorical figurative aesthetic, concerning himself with Christian and Classical mythology imagery. While the body of his work is either drawings, paintings, or prints, in his later career Paladino also explored the mode of sculpture making.