Miranda Pissarides


As an independent artist, Miranda Pissarides’ artistic practice mainly concentrates on the exploration of different forms of art by applying all-encompassing mediums. Her artworks span painting, sculpture, and drawing, as well as taxidermy and mosaic. With the intent of creating a comprehensive and well-structured experience for viewers, Pissarides employs raw pigments as a basis and transforms to a new unique color palette.

After graduating from Slade School of Fine Art, London and with a BA (hons) in Fine Art and Theory in 2012, she had her works extensively exhibited across the world, including solo exhibitions in London (2017), Italy (2017), Cyprus (2016), Kyoto (2015) and group exhibitions in Brazil (2015), New York (2015) etc. Pissarides has been awarded ArtSlant Showcase Winner Award in 2015 and Saatchi Young Artist Prize in 2018.


Winner of the Saatchi Young Artist Prize in 2018, Miranda Pissarides creates works fixated on dualities and the spaces in between them. She works in both the fields of painting and sculpture, with each practice informing the other--her paintings have the depth and weight of sculpture, while her sculptures have the ethereal and fluid qualities of painting. In the large-scale sculpture, entitled Violet, Pissarides used raw pigments to convey the conflicting feelings of desire and repulsion. The use of resin blended into this monumental stalagmite creates an effect of liminality, a substance that seems to exist between the states of solid and liquid.