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ARTIST LECTURE: Murray Moss on Tertium Quid

In conjunction with the exhibition TERTIUM QUID (on view through August 15, 2014), Murray Moss will lead a talk at Edelman Arts on Wednesday, August 13 at 6PM. This event is the final in a short series of artist lectures, so it's now or never to experience a Murray-guided walk-through of the exhibition, and listen to the design legend speak about the creative process behind his project, and the backstory, subtext and narrative of the works. It will be a revelation. You won't want to miss this last view of the photographs Vince Aletti called "found Rauschenbergs, lost Motherwells" in his review for Photograph magazine.


From the Moss Bureau blog:

When Murray talks TERTIUM QUID, people listen.
It may not be the Second Coming, but it is the second in a series of two talks about TERTIUM QUID that Murray’s going to be doing. Wednesday  August 13 at 6pm at Edelman Arts
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Somewhat later Murray created TERTIUM QUID and that’s what he’s planning to talk about. For God’s sake, go. Learn something. OR, click on that little girl’s soul, I mean sole, to buy this photograph.


TERTIUM QUID  (on view through August 15th, 2014)   
GALLERY TALK with Murray Moss
Wednesday, August 13th
6pm to 7pm