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Pruitt and Early collaborated as a couple and creative partners.

It Ain't No Fairy Tale marks the pinnacle of the Pruitt + Early collaboration. It was first exhibited in the controversial "Red, Black, Green, Red, White and Blue" show at the Leo Castelli Gallery in 1992. The exhibition was the duo's "take on black pop culture in America, a historical survey, images that had risen to the top of American culture that created a rich, popular identity of what the black experience had been through adversity." However, some people voiced concern at an exhibition about black America created by Rob Pruitt and Jack Early, two young white men. In this era of politically correct art, the show was “universally condemned as racist”, virtually ending both artists’ relationship.

This monumental work was shown seventeen years later in 2009 at Tate Modern, re-enacting the show in an entire room as part of its major exhibition, Pop Life: Art in a Material World, which explored the links between the New York art scene and the Young British Artists