Vito Acconci


Since the late 1960's Vito Acconci has been a provocative and influential presence in the international art world.  Using his body as a subject Acconci is best known for confronting issues of self-analysis, social interaction, and desire through performance art, photography, and film. His pioneering videos and performances tested the boundaries of intimacy and personal discomfort often challenging the norms of artist/viewer exchange through art.  In the 1970's Acconci shifted his emphasis from performance art to design, exploring the body and its relationship to space.  Through architecture, landscaping, and furniture design he produced installations that integrated public/private or inside/outside spaces in ways that still resonate. 

"I think of art as having a kind of instrumental use... When I say I 'make art,' I don't mean a kind of one-of-a-kind, self-enclosed art, but I mean art as this kind of instrument in the world." - Acconci