Xavier Corbero

Catalonian artist Xavier Corbero is recognized internationally as one of Spain's premier living sculptors. Born in Barcelona on the eve of the Spanish Civil War, Corbero's initial exposure to art began under an apprenticeship to his father and with study at the Massana School of Art. After graduating he purchased and redesigned a dilapidated medieval street and its surrounding buildings in Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona. By seamlessly blending 17th and 21st century design elements Corbero forged a new urban architecture; this sprawling, integrated compound is its own living sculpture and provided studio, workshop, and gallery space for such artists as Man Ray and Salvador Dalí.

Perhaps the most influential Catalonian artist since Gaudi, Corbero has gone on to orchestrate numerous public art projects since the 1950's. Using a variety of mediums, Corbero abstracts recognizable content to illuminate the marked contrast between raw textures and the finality of an increasingly polished form. In 1998 he was awarded the task of designing the Olympic medals for Barcelona. Corbero's signature style is that of totemic, highly polished forms of marble or basalt which challenge the viewer's conventional expectations of the Classical materials. His works are elegant and engaging, and vary in scale from a few feet to large functioning architectural spaces.