Yasmine Chatila

Yasmine Chatila takes voyeuristic photographs of urban life, a practice inspired after picking up a pair of binoculars in a friend’s apartment.


Born in Cairo in 1974, Yasmine Chatila is best-known for her controversial photography series Stolen Moments, which made headlines throughout New York City when it exhibited at Edelman Arts in the Fall of 2008. Chatila is fascinated by the humanity of the anonymous people that city dwellers encounter on a daily and even hourly basis. In her show Stolen Moments, Chatila captured intimate personal experiences of the faceless, nameless urbanites which inhabit New York City. Through patient surveillance, zoom lenses, and a strong fascination with those intangible relationships, Chatila revealed that what is intended to be hidden is exposed, mundane actions become, at once, heroic, and the armor we all wear outside the sanctity of home comes off revealing rarely seen aspects of human nature.

In addition to Chatila's photographic series, she has created various collages, all centered on the artist's personal thoughts and feelings of pop culture, war, the environment, and religion. Her second show Reveries & Delusions exhibited at Edelman Arts in the Summer of 2011. Currently residing and working in New York City, Chatila graduated with a Master's in photography from Columbia University School of Arts in 2002 and is the recipient of numerous awards including a Columbia fellowship and Tag Heuer grant.

Curriculum Vitae

    Born 1974, Cairo, Egypt.
    Lives and works in New York City.
    2002-2000 Columbia University School of the Arts, MFA, New York, NY
    1999-1994 Parsons School of Design, BFA, Paris and New York, NY
    1994-1993 Atelier Berino, Paris, France
    2002-2000 Columbia University Dean Fellowship
    2002-1994 Foundation Tag Heuer, Grant
    2013 Dallas Art Fair, Danese Gallery, Dallas, TX, March
    2012 Winter Group Exhibition, Edelman Arts, New York, NY, December - February 2013
    2012  Art Southampton, Edelman Arts, Southampton, NY, July
    2012  BB Contemporary Group Exhibition, New York, NY, June
    2012  Art Amalgamated Fundraising Exhibition, New York, NY, February
    2011 Summer Group Exhibition, Edelman Arts, New York, NY, August
    2011  Reveries & Delusions, Edelman Arts, New York, NY, June-July
    2012   Art Miami, Edelman Arts, Miami, FL, November-December
    2010 Holiday, Group Show, Traffic Art Space, New York, NY, December
    2009 Paris, Centre Pompidou, May 15 to 17, 2009
    2009 Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid Spain, March 2009
    2009 Berlin, KunstWerke, January 11 to 25, 2009
    2008 Parlour, two person show, New York, NY
    2008  Stolen Moments, solo show, Edelman Arts, New York, NY
    2008  "Under Surveillance", John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI
    2008  Stolen Moments , Edelman Arts, New York, NY
    2007 Kunst Film Biennial, Cologne, Germany
    2007 Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland
    2007 Chashama Gallery, New York, NY
    2007  DiVA Art Fair, New York, NY
    2006 Agial Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
    2006  Agial Gallery, BA, Argentina
    2006  Luce Monachesi, Rome, Italy
    2005 SEAL Auction, New York, NY
    2005  AAF Art Fair, New York, NY
    2005  Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
    2005  "Ice Space", group show, New York, NY
    2005  Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Auction, New York, NY
    2005  DiVA Art Fair, New York, NY
    2004 J. Johnson Gallery, group show, curated by Nabil Nahas, Jacksonville, FL
    2004  Pool Art Fair, Montalieu Fine Art, New York, NY
    2004  Scope Art Fair, Montalieu Fine Art, New York, NY
    2002 Egizio's Project, "Escape", group show, curated by YC, New York, NY
    2002 "Totally Porno", group show, curated by Eungie Joo, New York, NY
    2001 Egizio's Project, solo show, New York, NY
    2000 Egizio's Project, "Women", group show, New York, NY
    2000 Goliath Visual Space, "Parts", group show, Brooklyn, NY
    1999 Aronson Gallery, group show, New York, NY
    1998 Arts Center, "Manhattan Stories", group show, Baltimore, MD
    1995 Quai de la Gare, solo show, Paris, France
    1992 Maison de la Culture, group show, Montreal, Canada

Past Exhibitions

Yasmine Chatila: Reveries & Delusions
June - July, 2011

Yasmine Chatila: Stolen Moments
September - October 2008